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Narendra Modi: Need to tackle the spread of negativity, PM Modi tells print journalists | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with journalists and print media stakeholders regarding the new coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday and said it is imperative to maintain the spirit of fighting for the people.

Prime Minister Modi also emphasized the need to address the spread of pessimism, negativity, and the propaganda of rumors to address the spread of the coronavirus.

During his interaction with the media through a video conference, the Prime Minister appreciated the “praiseworthy” role that the media has played in disseminating information to all corners of this nation.

Saying that the media network is pan-Indian and stretches across cities and towns, Prime Minister Modi highlighted how the media are most important in combating this challenge and disseminating correct information on the subject at the micro level.

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“Newspapers are highly credible and the local page for a region is widely read by people. Therefore, it is imperative that awareness of the coronavirus be disseminated through the articles published on this page. It is essential to inform people about where the testing centers are, who should be tested, who to contact to get tested and follow home isolation protocols. This information should be shared in newspapers and newspaper web portals, “said the Prime Minister .

The prime minister also suggested that information such as the location of the availability of essential items during the shutdown may also be shared on the regional pages of the newspapers.

Prime Minister Modi, in his interaction with journalists, called on the media to act as a link between the government and the people, and to provide continuous comments, both nationally and regionally.

He also underlined the importance of social distancing, asking the media to raise awareness of its importance, inform people about the state’s decision to block, and also highlight the impact of the spread of the virus, by including international data. and case studies on other countries papers.

Underlining that it is imperative to maintain the fighting spirit of the people; The Prime Minister emphasized that it was important to address the spread of pessimism, negativity and rumors. “Citizens must be sure that the government is committed to counteracting the impact of COVID-19,” he added.

Journalists and stakeholders assured the Prime Minister that they will work on his suggestions to publish inspiring and positive stories.

The Prime Minister also reminded journalists of social responsibility towards the least privileged, saying that improving social cohesion is essential to safeguard our national security.

The union information and broadcasting minister and the secretary also participated in the interaction.

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