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Exclusive! Singer Tulsi Kumar: It is the way Mother Earth says: stop and take it easy | Hindi Movie News

With her melodious voice and charming personality, Bollywood singer Tulsi Kumar of fame of “O Saki Saki” and “Tera Ban Jaunga” has won millions of hearts worldwide. It is currently in quarantine due to a coronavirus pandemic. Exclusively with ETimes, he not only praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Janta Curfew” initiative, but also called on fans to behave responsibly. Excerpts …
Speaking about the widespread coronavirus pandemic, she said: “The coronavirus has caused everyone to stop. I feel like it’s a way that mother earth tells us to stop, to slow down because so much is happening. Extreme levels of pollution and extreme levels of resource depletion are, I think, a shift in the balance of ecology. It’s the way mother earth says, stop and take it easy.

The singer also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Jare Curfew initiative. “It is a very serious situation, but I am very happy that our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the entire nation to observe the Janta curfew yesterday. It was a very important step in addressing COVID-19,” he added.

Here is the video of the singer applauding the brave who are working to keep people safe:

Speaking more about the same thing, he stated: “Not just one day, we should have these kinds of absolutely calm days when everyone stays indoors. We must control this coronavirus. It is something we have not heard before. We are all in this, so I think we should be together and fight this. Be extremely responsible because our safety and the safety of others, everything depends on each of us. So let’s act responsibly and fight COVID -19 together. ”
Tulsi Kumar, who is currently in quarantine, urged his fans to behave responsibly at this time of the pandemic. She said: “In this extreme situation that we all face, which is the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, all countries have been affected. It is a serious situation, so we have to deal with a lot of responsibility. As a citizen, we have to show a lot of responsible behavior. ”

After further explaining, he added: “First and foremost, we have to follow social distancing, self-isolation, confinement at home and not go out until and unless it is extremely important. Work from home, keep disinfecting your hands and stay clean. There are many videos showing how you should spend a lot of time washing your hands. However, at the same time, let’s not waste too much water. The moment we rub and wash our hands, we should not let the tap water continue to flow. Otherwise, we will waste another important resource here. ”

When asked to comment on the ongoing Kanika Kapoor controversy, Tusli Kumar said: “We are all in this very serious situation today. Much is said about the entire incident that happened with Kanika Kapoor. I honestly wouldn’t want to comment until I have all the facts right. Too many rumors are circulating, so I wouldn’t want to comment on it. ”

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