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Coronavirus cases in India: 2 more deaths as new cases increase in 99; Total now 498 | India News

NEW DELHI: Covid-19 infections continued to rise across the country, with 99 new cases reported by states on Monday, by far the highest for a single day, even as two more Covid-19 patients succumbed to the disease. and died of coronavirus. toll to nine so far.
The coronavirus case count in the country remained close to 500, with 498 cases reported so far by the states. Up to 246 cases have arisen in the last three days, representing almost half of all cases reported since January 30. The Ministry of Health confirmed 468 cases, of which 40 are foreigners.
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On the positive side, 35 patients have so far recovered and been discharged, health ministry officials said. The two Covid-19 deaths were reported in West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh, even as Kerala (28) and Maharashtra (23) continued to record the highest number of new cases.
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Gujarat, with 12 new cases, was another access point. In total, 15 states / UT reported new cases on Monday, with Himachal Pradesh entering the list with three cases and one death. Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research, which has been performing mathematical models of Covid-19 cases, said that strictly implemented steps for social distancing would reduce the expected number of coronavirus cases by 62% and the maximum number of cases. by 89%.
“That is why we are focusing so much on blocking to stop the transmission chain. People can help us by simply staying home,” said an ICMR expert.
Strictly implemented social distancing measures, such as home quarantine of symptomatic and suspected cases, will reduce the total expected number of cases by 62% and peak cases by 89%, thus paving the curve and providing more opportunities for interventions ” he added.
He said that, in the pessimistic scenario, where asymptomatic infections are half symptomatic than symptomatic infectious, this projected impact would be reduced to 2%. ICMR said at least 75% of asymptomatic individuals needed to be identified to significantly delay the outbreak. “The additional detection of 90% of asymptomatic people would delay the average time of the epidemic by 20 days,” the organization said in an update.
Covid-19’s first death in Bengal was a 55-year-old railway employee, admitted to Kolkata AMRI Hospital with severe respiratory distress, cough and fever on March 16. It had been confirmed positive by the virus two days ago. The patient died due to cardiac arrest at 3.35 p. M. After two failed attempts to place it on ECM (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) support. In Himachal Pradesh, a Tibetan who had recently returned from the United States, was confirmed as the first death due to Covid-19 in the state.
R D Diman, Himachal Pradesh’s additional chief (health) secretary, said: “The deceased had arrived in Delhi on March 15 and arrived in McLeodganj on March 21 in a taxi. He complained of respiratory problems on Monday and was taken to a private hospital. But as his condition worsened, he was referred to Tanda Hospital, where he died. ”

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