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Coronavirus: all India under blockade for 3 weeks | India News


NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped up the fight against the coronavirus by announcing that the entire country was under blockade, calling it a curfew, for 21 days from midnight to break the Covid-19 chain transmission and save India from a massive outbreak that could overwhelm the health system.

Saying that there was no other way to save the country from the coronavirus, the prime minister said nations faced an increasing challenge and even the health care systems of developed countries such as the United States and Italy were struggling to respond to the resulting unprecedented situation. of rapid global spread. from Covid-19.

“At 12 midnight … listen carefully, at 12 midnight, all of India will be under total blockade. This is done taking into account the experiences of other nations. This is the only way to save India. Save you and your families. No one leaves their house. No one comes out. All states, all districts, all mohallas, will be blocked. It is a curfew. It is much more than a janata curfew. It is harder. It is a decisive fight. In fact, it will cost money, but every life is important, “said the prime minister in a televised speech, his second in coronavirus in a week. Drawing what he called the “lakshman rekha” for people, Modi bluntly said, “Forget about venturing. For the next 21 days, you must do one thing, stay home, stay home, and stay home alone.

It does not have to take a single step beyond the ‘lakshman rekha’. “Modi acknowledged that the country would have a huge economic cost to pay and that the poor would suffer the most. But he suggested that it was time for the nation to choose its priorities. and clearly saving people’s lives was a priority.

“From jaan hai to jahan hai (if there is life, there is the world) … We must strengthen our determination at every step and also be moderate,” he said. He added: “Whatever happens, you must observe social distancing. From the common man in the villages to the Prime Minister, no one should violate this lakshman rekha. ”

When reports of panic purchases came after his speech, Modi tweeted: “By converging on the stores, you are risking the spread of Covid-19. Please don’t panic. Please stay inside. I repeat: central and state governments will ensure that all essentials are available. ”

The 21-day blockade is possibly the first measure taken by any country to deal with the threat, and Modi, like his speech on Thursday, did not want to say anything to underscore the seriousness of the challenge facing the country and even people, citing the WHO and public health experts believe that a 21-day blockade could break the chain of transmission, and pointing to the tragic experience of developed countries reeling under the global pandemic.

“Even the most capable nations have been left defenseless. It is not that they have no resources or are not making efforts. But the virus is spreading so fast that, despite efforts, these nations face an increasing challenge, “he said.

However, he suggested that India could still find a way out of the crisis by exercising social distancing. “India is at the stage where our actions will decide to what extent we can mitigate the crisis. We have to renew our resolution. This is the time to exercise restraint and maintain discipline. We will be victorious if we maintain maximum restraint, “said the prime minister. “There is only one way to effectively combat this disease. It is social distancing. That means we have to stay away from each other. Stay inside. There is no other way to save themselves, their families and friends from the coronavirus, “he added. Modi said there were misconceptions that social distancing was only for patients.

“That is not correct. Social distancing is for everyone, for everyone, including the PM.” The unprecedented step of putting the entire nation under lockdown comes days after more than 500 districts were subjected to such restrictions. There is a list of exempt services, such as health workers, the media, sanitation personnel and the police, which the Prime Minister mentioned, but clearly suggested that implementation would be rigorous. “Treat your door as your” lakshman rekha ” it won’t cross for the next three weeks, “he said.

Hinting at the lack of seriousness with which blockades and restrictions have been observed, the Prime Minister said: “The carelessness and wrong thinking of some people could endanger yourself, your families, friends, and ultimately the nation will be in big trouble. ” If that oversight continues, India will have to pay a high price that cannot even be estimated. ” While the rules on how the shutdown and waivers should be observed were reported by the home ministry, crowds were seen in supermarkets and convenience stores.

The Prime Minister called on people to take into account the sacrifices made by health professionals, sanitation workers, media personnel involved in reporting the situation without worrying about their own safety and the police. that sometimes he had to deal with a rebellious public. “I’m appealing with my hands together, wherever you are, stay there. It will be for three weeks. I told him recently when I told him that I was asking for a few weeks … To break the cycle, we will need 21 days. If we do not control this, the country and its families will go back 21 years. Many families will be destroyed forever. I am not speaking as Prime Minister but as a member of your family. So forget about what it’s like to go out, ”PM said. It reminded people that the disease could be misleading, and at the initial stage of infection there was nothing to distinguish that the coronavirus had hit.

“Many times a person is quite healthy. There is no evidence of apparent disease. This is necessary to stay alert, “he said and held up a poster doing the rounds on social media saying that no one should hit the roads in Hindi, spelling out” Co-ro-na. “The prime minister noted that the number of people infected had increased considerably. It took 67 days to reach 100,000 people, 11 days to add another lakh and the third lakh came in just four days. The experience of the countries that rejected the threat was that citizens had to stay inside. ” Follow the directives of the central and state governments 100%. We must not leave the houses. Whatever happens, from the prime minister to the villager. Only then can we save ourselves, “he said.

Modi said that steps will be taken to guarantee the supply of essential materials and that the problems of the poor will be addressed. “The highest priority will be given to the repair of health facilities and work with WHO and Indian institutions. Efforts will be made to ensure that we have ICUs, ventilators, beds, medical and paramedical personnel. ” He said that rumors circulated knowingly or unwittingly and asked people not to believe them. In particular, he asked people not to allow themselves to self-medicate. “A 21-day blockade is a long time, but it is for all of you, for your safety, it is important that all Indians deal with this successfully.

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