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After joining BJP, the counterfeiting case against Scindia was closed | India News

BHOPAL: The Madhya Pradesh Economic Crime Wing has closed a case against former Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and his relatives, where they were accused of falsifying a property document while selling land, an official said Tuesday.

Scindia resigned from Congress on March 10 and then joined the BJP. His resignation from Congress triggered a revolt in the unity of the Madhya Pradesh party, with 22 MLAs who belong to his field also presenting their resignations. This led to the collapse of the state government led by Kamal Nath last week.

On March 12, when Congress was in power in the state, the Economic Crimes Wing (EOW) decided to double-check the facts in the complaint against Scindia and her family of allegedly committing irregularities while selling land in Gwalior in 2009 .

“The plaintiff, Surendra Shrivastava, approached us a second time on March 12 seeking a further review of his complaint against Scindias. We forwarded the complaint to our Gwalior office which, after further investigation, closed it.” officer said.

According to EOW sources, he closed the case against Scindia and her family on Friday.

Incidentally, Kamal Nath also resigned as prime minister on Friday after his rule was reduced to a minority.

On March 12, Shrivastava filed a new complaint against Scindia and her family, alleging that by falsifying a registration document, they sold her land in Mahalgaon that was smaller by 6,000 square feet than the original agreement in 2009, the official from EOW.

Initially, he filed the complaint on March 26, 2014 against Scindia, who at that time was the leader of Congress, and his family. But it was investigated and closed in May 2018 (when the BJP was in power in the state), the official said.

Earlier this month, 22 MLA loyal to Scindia resigned from Congress, paving the way for the BJP to return to power in the state again.

BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan was sworn in as prime minister of the state on Monday night.

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