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Karan Tacker talks about her fashion and style secrets


Indian actor Karan Tacker’s style is always on point. From his shoe collection to his flawless selfies, it’s hard to keep our eyes off him. She recently talked about her fashion icon, favorite trends, grooming tips, and how she stays stylish. Here is everything you need to know:

Fashion for me: It is easy, fun and an extension of my personality.

Five essential elements of a man’s wardrobe: Black, plain white and black well-fitted distressed jeans with a round neck Ts, brown Chelsea boots, white high top sneakers and some collar pieces.

My everyday outfit: Shorts and T-shirt with round neck and straps.

My buying strategy:
Online attack: the sooner the better. I am not a conscious buyer, as I love the waste.

A grooming tip for men: Don’t try too hard, I feel like men look better when they look easier and effortless, I feel like an extremely clean and groomed man looks wrong. So don’t wear too tight jeans. Don’t over-clean the stubble. Let your hair fall out of its place. But just make sure you smell good.

Favorite style trick:
My favorite is messy hair, a 3-day stubble, a well-fitting T-shirt and jeans and high-top sneakers, and a great cologne. I feel two things that make an outfit and a vibe a great pair of shoes and the right perfume.

A trend I hate:
I can not wear tight jeans, they are uncomfortable.

A trend that I love: I love sneakers and I love how they are a major fashion trend. I also love oversized jackets and shirts. There is something elegant but effortless about it.

The biggest fashion mistake I’ve ever made:
I feel like you discover fashion by making mistakes. I think you guys would be better off telling me what turned out to be the biggest mistake (laughs).

My style philosophy:
Let him hug you, don’t feel comfortable!

My essential essential grooming:
Beard trimmer, excellent moisturizer, deodorant 24 hours. I honestly think that no man should smell.

A fashion tip that someone gave me that I swear by: Manish Malhotra once told me to be simple.

A skin care tip that my mother passed on to me:
I swear on the almond oil.

n a celebrity hacking it without a stylist now …: It depends. If we all had the time, maybe. But stylists have really changed the fashion game. We are seeing the best of fashion, all thanks to them.

My opinion about the airport is seen: Just keep it casual and comfortable.

Paparazzi is …: A little anxiety, a lot of curiosity and a lot of fun.

An exercise regimen that I follow: Train every day: don’t think there is another way.

My guilty indulgence: Shoes! I have so many shoes! My mom hits me about it every time, so now when I buy a new pair, I sneak it into my house.

Short shots

What makes you feel sexy: Black – in and out

Latest fashion destination: Milan

The most elegant person in show business: Ranbir Kapoor: This guy is the most discreet but fashionable. Also Akshay Kumar, always dresses very well. There are many things that I would like to steal from you

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