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Indian Coronavirus Closure: Center calls on state governments to strictly enforce closure: Official Statement | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center has called on state governments to strictly enforce the blockade and take legal action against violators, according to an official statement Monday.

The Center and state governments decided on Sunday to completely block 80 districts across the country where coronavirus cases have been reported as of March 31.

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In view of the need to contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19, it was agreed that there was an urgent need to extend restrictions on the movement of non-essential passenger transport.

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Delhi will be closed from 6 am on March 23 and will continue until midnight on March 31. Some other states have also imposed the shutdown.

Delhi’s borders will remain sealed during the shutdown, but essential services related to health, food, water and energy supply will continue, and 25 percent of DTC buses will operate to carry people associated with essential services.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on state governments to ensure that the coronavirus blockade rules and regulations are enforced, noting that many people are not taking the move seriously.

“Many people still don’t take the blockade seriously. Please save yourself, your family, follow the instructions seriously. I ask state governments to ensure compliance with laws and regulations,” he said in a tweet. in Hindi.

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