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China ready to share its experience to control the spread of the coronavirus with India, provide assistance | India News


BEIJING: China on Monday “applauded” the aid sent by India during the height of the Beijing battle against the deadly coronavirus and said it would like to share its experience in handling the COVID-19 with New Delhi and provide the necessary assistance to prevent its spread.

India sent around 15 tons of medical assistance with masks, gloves and other emergency medical equipment to the coronavirus-affected city of Wuhan on February 26 by a military plane, which also evacuated 112 Indians and several foreign nationals.

In his press conference here, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said China is extending assistance and aid to local governments in 19 countries that have provided assistance to it when the coronavirus outbreak hit the country.

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When asked about the notable absence of India in the 19 countries he lists, Geng said that India and China have an “unhindered exchange channel and that exchange is near.”

“After the outbreak of COVID-19, China and India have been in communication and there is cooperation between the two. Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a letter of sympathy with the Chinese side and the Indian Foreign Minister also spoke with the Chinese part by phone, “he said.

“We have received assistance from the Indian side and we applaud it. We have an exchange mechanism and China has been reporting the information to India in a timely manner,” he said.

“We have also been providing necessary assistance and convenience to Indians in China. We have been protecting their health and safety,” he said.

“As the pandemic spreads, we have also noticed the situation in India. China and India are the only two countries with a population of over a billion. The virus is challenging for everyone and we would like to share our experience with the side Indian and provide more needed assistance to the Indian side, “he said.

Geng also noted that India was part of a video conference conducted by Chinese officials to share their COVID-19 experience with Eurasia and the South Asian countries recently.

South Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, the Maldives and Bangladesh participated, he said.

Officials included health authorities, diplomatic services, national defense, customs civil aviation, etc. Delegates from the World Health Organization in relevant countries also participated in the video conference, he said.

The conference was a platform to share China’s experience in epidemic prevention, diagnosis and control, treatment, guarantee of supply, Geng said, adding that Chinese officials answered around 80 questions.

Geng said the conference lasted four hours and that around 2,000 representatives participated. Participants think it is timely and necessary to learn from the Chinese experience, he said.

China, which has been fighting the coronavirus since January 23, did not report new domestic cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, but reported that nine deaths brought the death toll to 3,270, as it stepped up measures to strictly quarantine people who come from abroad.

Total confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland reached 81,093 at the end of Sunday. It included 3,270 people who died from the disease, 5,120 patients still on treatment, 72,703 patients discharged after recovery, according to the China National Health Commission.

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