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Roadies Revolution – Nikhil Chinapa: I will not apologize; supports Neha Dhupia and explains why

A few days ago, a cut from one of the Roadies Revolution episodes went viral on social media. The video had gang leader Neha Dhupia yelling at a contestant for saying he slapped his girlfriend because she was cheating on him with five other children. Nikhil Chinapa, too, threw that guy from the show off and they were on the receiving end of the troll.

Now that citizens have been asked to be locked up due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Nikhil took advantage of the time to better explain the entire incident and expressed his opinion. There were three slides on which he presented his view and supported Neha Dhupia. His caption for this post reads: “Now that I’m home and have a little more free time, I’ve put my perspective on the events of an episode that aired a few weeks ago. Muted comments here for those who are interested in the content of the note you can read it with ease. For those who want to comment / vent, comments are open in my previous posts, as they always have been. ”

Nikhil stated that he turned off the comment section for this post, but those who wanted to post something could do so in their previous post. The gang leader also spoke about the empowerment of women. Nikhil stated that he is not faking on the show and that he is such a person, that he also uses expletives in real life. He said he might try to introduce some better words into his vocabulary now.

When Neha Dhupia was trolled, many big shots like Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor, her husband Angad Bedi, Nikhil Chinapa and many others came out to support her.

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