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Mumbai Local Train Status: The general public is not allowed on Mumbai local trains since Sunday | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: To decongest local rail stations, the Konkan Division Commissioner will start driving from Sunday in which only staff who are part of the emergency services with valid I cards and people who are in medical emergencies only They will be able to travel. on local trains. This will continue until March 31.

Konkan Division Commissioner Shivaji Daund said there will be two teams and that each team will have 5 employees, one from GRP, RPF, health officer and two from the revenue department. These fleets will be parked at the north and south entry points of the railway stations and will not allow passengers to travel unnecessarily on the platform.

There are almost 150 railway stations under the Konkan division – from CST-Khopoli, CST-Panvel and Churchgate to Dahanu. “All of these stations will be covered under our decision. The idea is not to allow any passenger without an emergency reason to travel. We will send passengers home if they are found to be traveling unnecessarily. For the most part, passengers with a medical, personal or family emergency will only be able to do so after verification by the team’s health personnel, “Daund told TOI. He added that people who want to board a long-distance train, your valid tickets will be verified and only then allowed on the platform.

He said that under the epidemic disease law of 1897, the state government has empowered all city commissioners, divisional commissioners, and even collectors to take steps to reduce overcrowding. If people do not cooperate, then actions can be brought against them under section 188 of the IPC and even section 144 of the IPC for illegal gathering, Daund said.

He said revenue department staff should keep a journal in which the details of allowed passengers should be noted. He added that the team will have adequate masks and thermal scanners.

“At certain stations where there are multiple entry points, some will be blocked and entry and exit will only be allowed from the main doors so that each passenger can be searched,” Daund said. He also said the idea is to discourage non-essential travel and ensure that there is a sense of responsibility among people during the crisis situation.

Also, if people found to be in home quarantine are found, they will be sent to institutional quarantine, Daund said. The government has installed institutional quarantine with the capacity of 7,000-8,000 and 4,000 odd rooms in unoccupied government and SRA buildings in the suburban area of ​​Mumbai and Panvel respectively, “said Daund.

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