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Janta curfew: Beginning of a long battle, says PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked compatriots on Sunday not to start celebrating the end of the Janta curfew and asked them to prepare for the long battle that can only be won if we all stick together.

Appreciating people for observing the Janta curfew today, PM Modi tweeted: “Today’s #JantaCurfew may end at 9pm, but that doesn’t mean we should start celebrating. Don’t consider it a success. This is the beginning of a long fight. Today, the compatriots have declared that we are capable, if we decide, we can overcome the greatest challenge together. ”

The prime minister called on people to observe a Janta curfew for a day amid a surge in coronavirus cases across the country.

In another tweet, the prime minister also urged people in districts where the closure has been announced to stay home.

“Follow instructions issued by the central government and state governments. In districts and states where the blockade is announced, do not leave the houses at all. Those in other parts of the country, do not leave the houses unless it is very necessary “he tweeted.

All interstate buses, passenger trains, and subway services have been suspended across the country until March 31, while 75 districts where coronavirus cases were reported were completely blocked as authorities took extraordinary measures to control the spread of the illness.

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