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Coronavirus cases: the government decides to close 75 districts across the country | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center and state governments have decided to completely close 75 districts across the country where coronavirus cases have been reported, officials said Sunday.

It was also decided to suspend interstate bus services until March 31, officials said.

The decisions were made at a high-level meeting attended by the chief secretaries of all states and the cabinet secretary and the prime minister’s chief secretary.

In view of the need to contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19, it was agreed that there was an urgent need to extend restrictions on the movement of non-essential passenger transport, including interstate transport buses, until March 31, a Union home said. ministry official.

State governments will issue orders allowing only essential services to operate in approximately 75 districts with confirmed cases or victims of COVID-19, the official said.

The districts where the closure was announced are from states that include Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

It was noted that several state governments have already issued orders in this regard. All senior secretaries reported that there was an overwhelming and spontaneous response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for the ‘Janata curfew’.

State governments may expand the list based on their assessment of the situation.

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At the meeting, it was decided to suspend all train services until March 31, including suburban rail services. However, freight trains are exempt. All subway services were also suspended until March 31.

The total number of new coronavirus cases in India increased to 341 on Sunday after new cases were reported from various parts of the country, the Union Ministry of Health said.

Millions of people across the country remained inland, the streets looked deserted and the number of vehicles on the street on Sunday in an unprecedented shutdown due to Modi’s call for a ‘Janta curfew’ to contain the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed more than 13,000 lives worldwide.

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