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“Behave like a patient, not like a star,” says Dr. RK Dhiman, director of Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS, to singer Kanika Kapoor | Hindi Movie News

Singer Kanika Kapoor has been in the headlines for the past two days after she confirmed she had tested positive for Coronavirus. The artist, who traveled to Mumbai and then Lucknow from the UK, contacted hundreds of people at various meetings she attended before starting to experience flu-like symptoms. Now, the star has been admitted to Sanjay Gandhi’s PGIMS and has been quarantined while receiving treatment for COVID-19 infection. And while Kanika has been trolled by online users on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, Dr. RK Dhiman, the director of Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS has stated in an interview with Ahmedabad Mirror that Kanika has been throwing tantrums while in quarantine. .

According to the report, despite being treated very well, Kanika has not behaved like a patient but like a star. According to the hospital, he is being provided with gluten-free food, an isolated, air-conditioned room complete with a separate bathroom and TV. She also has a separate Air Treatment Unit for Covid-19, but is allegedly not cooperating with hospital authorities. He added that the hospital staff is at his disposal and that the room is cleaned every four hours. They are clothed in their infection gear and therefore cannot eat or drink anything for four hours straight.

This new controversy arose after Kanika alleged yesterday that the hospital room was dirty and had a mosquito infestation. He reportedly said in an interview that it was “like a prison”, that he was “being treated like a criminal” and that “he felt miserable.”

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