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Arjan Bajwa: The intention is to do a job that will be remembered | Hindi Movie News


Actor Arjan Bajwa, best known for films like ‘Rustom’ and ‘Kabir Singh’, says his goal is to do selective but good work, which should have a lasting impact on the audience. Bajwa broke out after starring alongside Priyanka Chopra in Madhur Bhandarkar’s’ Fashion ‘, but since then the actor has mainly played supporting roles in such films as’ Guru’, ‘Crook’, ‘Bobby Jasoos’,’ Rustom ‘and’ Kabir Singh ‘.

“For me it is not always about the length of the role or being the face of the film, but what people bring home or what leaves an impact on the audience. There have been films where I have played a quintessential hero or negative role and people liked it.

“I want to do interesting stories and not ordinary stories. The intention is to do a job that is remembered. I am glad that people remember my work in most of the movies that I have made. The value of repetition does matter,” said Arjan in a interview.

The 40-year-old actor said it is not a conscious decision on his part to do less work, as there have been times when a potential opportunity for him has been sabotaged.

“I’m looking for very selective stories. I’m looking for stories that excite me. But there are times when I want to make movies and people have a different agenda for not choosing it. All those directors should answer for that. Let’s not go in there and take names,” he said.

“I wanted to play a role as defense personnel or as an army person a long time ago. The offer came through this web series. It was very exciting to play the role.”

“The previous films have had the point of view of the police or people who have suffered or died, but not the defense services, like NSG in this case, who really expelled the terrorist and ended this operation.”

“Everyone knows they came from Delhi and that’s it and they don’t know anything beyond that, I don’t think many people know the full NSG form. We need to tell a story from their point of view, I think they were heroes, that they took control of the situation and neutralized the terrorist. ”

Arjan said he will soon start working on two movies and two web series.

“Both movies are in the thriller space, one is in a police thriller and the other is a horror thriller and they should start in the middle of the year,” he said.

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