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PM Modi tells pharmaceutical companies that make Covid-19 test kits on a war footing


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with representatives of pharmaceutical companies via video conference on Saturday amid the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country and urged them to push for the production of test kits.

The representatives told PM Modi that India has sufficient supplies of all essential pharmaceuticals and that there is no reason to worry.

By extending their support, chemists and pharmaceutical companies, who were present at the conference, assured the Prime Minister that they will work in this crisis with the government to ensure that supply chains continue to operate 24×7.

“The nation comes first,” they added.

Tweeting about the meeting later, Prime Minister Modi said he urged the pharmaceutical industry to make Covid-19 test kits on a war footing.

“To ensure the production of critical medicines and medical equipment, the Center has already approved schemes worth Rs. 14 billion rupees. We will also work to maintain the supply of API,” he said.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the pharmaceutical industry will not only ensure the maintenance of essential drug supply lines, kits and medical equipment, but will also focus on cutting-edge innovation and research.

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