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Madhya Pradesh CM: ‘Kamal’ will flourish after Kamal Nath; Shivraj Singh Chouhan among the main contenders | India News


BHOPAL: With the collapse of the Congressional government in Madhya Pradesh, speculation abounds about who would be the BJP’s choice for the post of prime minister: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Narendra Singh Tomar or some dark horse.

The state is slated to get a BJP-led government now that the 18-day political drama ended on Friday with the resignation of Prime Minister Kamal Nath.

Chouhan has been the prime minister three times. He held the longest position as a State CM during 2003-2018, before Nath snatched his chair.

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He is perceived as the favorite for the job, but the million dollar question is whether BJP’s top leadership would favor him.

Looking at the way the BJP leadership makes a decision these days, no one can confidently say that a particular individual has a good chance. Because such decisions are now made in the ‘high command style’ similar to that of Congress said a source from BJP PTI

“There is so much surprise in selecting a leader that nobody except the top leadership (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) knows who the prime minister will be,” he said.

Even Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, considered number 2 in the party, may not be sure about the election of the new CM, added the BJP leader.

The appointment of Khajuraho deputy Vishnu Dutt Sharma as head of the Madhya Pradesh BJP was totally unexpected, the source said, saying the election of the CM post could throw another surprise.

BJP sources also said that in addition to Chouhan and Tomar, another contender could be Union Social Justice Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot, as it would be equally acceptable to the leadership of the larger party and to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS ).

Gehlot has served as National Secretary General in charge of Gujarat and Delhi. In addition, it belongs to the category of Scheduled Breeds, which could weigh in its favor.

“A party parliamentary board meeting will be held in Delhi in the evening. The candidate for the CM post will be decided at the meeting,” the sources said.

Jabalpur MP and former state BJP chief Rakesh Singh said the top leadership will elect the next CM.

Opposition leader Gopal Bhargava also said that “whoever chooses the party, he will be the prime minister.”

As the President accepted the resignations of the remaining 16 rebel MLAs on Thursday, the strength of the ruling party was reduced to 92 MLAs at the 230-member house.

The effective strength of the assembly was 228, as two seats were vacant. The current strength is now down to 206, and the BJP has a majority with its 107 members.

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