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Coronavirus outbreak: government asks public and private hospitals to reserve beds as cases increase | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center issued a notice on Friday to all hospitals and medical education institutions, both public and private, asking them to reserve beds, prepare isolation facilities, obtain sufficient ventilators, high-flow oxygen mass and mobilize labor Additional to step up combat readiness to face Covid-19.

The measures come as cases continue to rise, although they are not yet a sudden increase or a peak, and reflect the government’s assessment that the health system must be prepared for a contingency of large numbers of patients. Although there is still no community outreach, medical facilities are being prepared for such a scenario and also to ensure a more even distribution of resources across the country.

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Authorities said the government was taking specific steps to increase preparedness in terms of capacity building and procurement of essential items. So far, 19,111 isolation beds have been reserved in public and private hospitals, from 17,000 until the first week of March. Similarly, fans have increased 2.5-fold since January, and around 60,000 quarantine beds are allocated across the country.

Hospitals have been advised not to reject any suspected Covid-19 patients and that such admission should be notified immediately along with all pneumonia patients. These patients can also be tested for Covid-19.

Until now, the government’s trial protocol was limited to those who had a history of travel to countries affected by Covid-19 or those who had been in contact with those people. “The medical infrastructure in the country needs to be prepared for any possible influx of patients from Covid19,” said the notice, issued on Friday night.

The measures have been proposed until March 31 and will be reviewed. It was also said that all hospitals will conduct a preparedness drill on March 22, the day of the “janata curfew” called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the health ministry issued detailed guidelines.

The advisory aims to address concerns that the health infrastructure may have difficulty coping with the burden if more serious cases are diagnosed and to maintain the advantage gained from a series of proactive steps that have been taken to substantially close the borders. from a large portion of travelers.

The Health Ministry reported 223 confirmed cases of Covid-19 on Friday, registering a significant jump of 50 cases since Thursday. The 223 cases include 191 Indian citizens and 32 foreigners. The cases are among more than 14,000 tests carried out to control people suspected of the disease.

So far, 173 cases of Covid-19 have been hospitalized. While 23 of them were cured, four deaths were reported. The notice also asked hospitals to discharge stable patients as soon as possible and to restrict additional admissions.

“Some beds must be separated and prepared to create isolation facilities in all public and private hospitals. All hospitals must mobilize additional resources, such as masks, gloves, and personal protective equipment. Health care personnel must be trained to deal with any foreseeable emergency, ”the notice said.

All hospitals must ensure they have adequate trained personnel and resource pools for ICU and ventilator care, he added. The notice included other preparedness measures for indoor facilities, outpatient departments, administrative, and communication and awareness activities.

In addition to banning the export of personal protective equipment such as masks, the government also identified the manufacturers and made requests for additional acquisitions. The government argued that as the burden progressively increased, it was important to break the transmission chain by strictly following social distancing protocols.

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