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California closes amid dire projections of 25 million Covid-19 cases


WASHINGTON: California, whose $ 3.1 trillion economy is larger than India and ranks fifth in the world when considered a country, ordered the closure of its 40 million residents after state governor Gavin Newsom wrote to him to President Trump that 56% of its residents, perhaps up to 25 million people, would be infected with coronavirus in 8 weeks without mitigation efforts.

In the most dramatic move to combat the crown crisis in the United States, where confirmed cases doubled in just two days in part due to increased evidence, Newsom ordered the closure of all nonessential businesses in the state. and requested $ 1 billion in federal aid, including a hospital ship to be deployed in front of Los Angeles.

The terrible projection in what is called the Golden State, which helped the governor clarify that it was the worst case scenario if no action is taken at this time, came even as the federal government postponed its annual tax filing deadline. from April 15 to July 15. In addition to a $ 1 trillion bailout that will include cash payments for individuals and families, it’s a small relief for a beleaguered population that has seen the crater economy and millions of jobs disappear in the face of the Covid-19 assault.

California represents almost 15 percent of the United States economy and includes historical enclaves like Silicon Valley and Hollywood. It is also home to almost a million people of Indian descent.

There is now pressure on other states, including New York, where Covid-19 infection doubled from 2,870 to 5,711 in 24 hours, in part due to increased testing, to implement similar quarantine measures. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States and pleaded with President Trump to use the military to rush supplies and warned that he will convert hotels into hospitals to meet the growing demand for care.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rejects his pleas to close the city to California. In a country where the making of laws, rules and regulations are vastly decentralized, many states, cities, and counties hesitate or challenge to follow federal directives or the example of others, fearing such movements simply by devastating local economies without relief. from the center.

In another far-reaching directive, the State Department on Thursday recommended that all Americans not travel abroad and called on all Americans to return home immediately, warning that the government would not be able to rescue them if they did not return before travel openings. completely ceased.

If commercial travel is still available in a given country, Americans were asked to make arrangements to return to the United States. immediately, “unless they are prepared to stay abroad for an indefinite period.” The Level 4 alert is the highest ever issued and is generally reserved for war zones or hotspots like Syria, North Korea, or Somalia.

As with Indians and people of many nationalities, thousands of Americans are stranded worldwide as airlines have cut flights and countries are closing doors. Traveling is becoming difficult even within the United States with airports resembling ghostly shopping malls. American Airlines, the nation’s largest airline, said it discarded 55,000 flights in April and caught about 450 of its planes in the desert.

Overall, more than 245,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide, and the World Health Organization noted that it took more than three months to reach 100,000 cases worldwide, but only 12 days to record the next 100,000 . Much of the global blockage is based on this faster exponential growth in cases.

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