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Ashok Gehlot orders total closure in Rajasthan to contain the spread of Covid-19 | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: All shopping malls, government and private offices, transportation facilities and other services that exclude essential services related to saving people’s lives, will remain closed across the state as Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot issued total blockade orders of the state to contain the spread of Covid-19. The complete block will remain in force until Match 31.

The order says that all factories, public transportation, stores, private and government offices will be closed from March 22 to March 31. Recently, Governor Kalraj Mishra had issued regulations on Covid-19 declaring it an epidemic disease, while doctors are required to report each case to health authorities.

According to figures from the health department, 25 people have been found infected with the disease across the state. Of those, eight cases were reported on Saturday, including six from Bhilwara and one from Sikar and Pali. A sample of Pratapgarh has been sent for a new test.

Gehlot has also instructed the labor department to ensure that no employee working in the factories receives a pink receipt during the closing period. “Factory owners should give their employees a holiday until the shutdown is in effect,” said Gehlot.

To ensure that no family faces a shortage of food supplies, Gehlot said families registered under the NFSA will receive the two months of food supplies in advance free of charge.

Similar arrangements have been made for street vendors, daily wage earners and the needy who live in urban areas. “The local administration will provide them with a two-month ration from April 1,” said Gehlot.

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