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Anup Jalota negative for coronavirus | Hindi Movie News

Veteran devotional singer Anup Jalota, who was held in isolation as a preventive measure in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, said Friday that he tested negative for the communicable disease. The 66-year-old singer said Tuesday that he was isolated in a Mumbai hotel as a preventive measure after arriving in India from a concert in Europe.

“The doctors came and gave me reports now and said that I don’t have any symptoms of coronavirus and that I can go home. I was never against testing and I urge everyone to come in and do the test if necessary.” If any of you have any difficulties, inform the doctors as this affects others as well. Why put others in danger?

“I am very happy to have undergone the test and I kept myself under observation and came out clean. I urge everyone to cooperate like I do,” Jalota said in a video, which he posted on social media.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, new cases of coronavirus in India increased to 195 on Friday and Maharashtra has 47 cases.

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