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Maharashtra Coronavirus News: Those who are quarantined at home will now receive a stamp in hand | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: The state said Monday that passengers who entered airports and were told to remain under domestic quarantine are stamped on the back of their hand, “home quarantine.”

“We are using ink that will last at least 14 days,” said an official. Health Minister Rajesh Tope said the decision was made after complaints that those who were supposed to be in house quarantine were visited in public places. Tope said the print will put “social pressure” by helping to identify them in public places.

On whether he violates a person’s privacy, Tope said: “The person should not be wandering around. If he violates that, someone who sees him will tell him to go home. Or perhaps the person does not want to venture into the seal,” Tope said. He said that people should take distancing from the community seriously and that the government was taking steps to ensure it is done.

“Many who are not symptomatic but have come from the seven countries on the Center’s list are told to remain in quarantine,” Tope said.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said people who do not want to be in a government quarantine facility and show no symptoms can go home if they self-regulate and stay home. He said the government was taking the step under section 10 of the Epidemic Act of 1897, according to which the BMC commissioner can take steps to contain the spread of the virus.

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