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Karnataka doctor ignores rules and lands 3 more in quarantine | India News


BENGALURU: Four doctors are isolated at home after one of them came into contact with a Covid-19 patient and held a meeting with the other three doctors the next day, a case that points to flaws in taking precautions.

All four doctors include the director of the state-run Nefro Urology Institute (INU). This occurs days after a technician who returned from the US. USA Across London and then tested positive on Covid-19, he tossed the home insulation rule in the wind by playing tennis on three different courts for three days and watching a movie in a theater with his family.

Karnataka recorded the first Covid-19 death in the country with a 76-year-old man from Kalburgi who returned from Saudi Arabia dying. The state has reported 14 positive cases of coronavirus.

One of the doctors now in home isolation works at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore, whose campus houses INU. On March 15, he accompanied a 20-year-old relative, who recently returned from the UK, to the coronavirus testing center on campus. On March 16, he held a meeting with three INU doctors, including the institute’s director, Dr. R Keshavamurthy. Later that day, test reports revealed that the 20-year-old relative, a woman, had coronavirus.

A Victoria source said that before undergoing the test on March 15, the woman had told the doctor’s relative over the phone that she had some symptoms. The doctor still advised him to meet him.

The state medical education directorate has asked the four doctors to isolate themselves for 14 days. Management’s opinion was that the continued presence of physicians on campus would have caused more problems for INU patients who are already immunocompromised.

Speaking to TOI from the isolation of her home, Dr. Keshavamurthy said the woman who tested positive visited the Victoria facility on March 15 to meet with a faculty member who attended the meeting on Monday.

“None of us have any symptoms, but as a precaution, we are in isolation at home. Work at INU will not be hampered. I am reviewing all the required reports online, ”said Dr. Keshavamurthy, adding that the woman was not related to him.

The case has upset officials from the Department of Family Health and Welfare, who say tracing positive case contacts has revealed a pattern of flyers that don’t adhere to the home isolation rule in Bangalore. People returning from countries affected by the coronavirus must remain in their homes for 14 days immediately after arrival.

According to health officials, the technician who returned to Bangalore from the US USA Through London on March 8 he ventured out of his house repeatedly before finally testing positive on March 16. During the eight-day period, the 32-year-old coach played tennis on three different courts on March 9, 10 and 11. He also saw a movie with his family in a theater and met two friends on March 10.

A senior health official said this was shocking behavior, showing complete disregard for precautions specifically designed to prevent coronavirus transmission. “As of now, only Patient 4, 50, who returned from the United States through London on March 8, appears to have adhered to the government’s rule on home insulation. He did not go out, and his wife and domestic help also kept their distance. The latter have not shown any symptoms, “said an official.

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