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Irrfan Khan’s son Babil Khan returns to Mumbai from London amid the coronavirus scare


In the early hours of Thursday, Irbil and Sutapa Sikdar’s son Babil returned to Mumbai. The young man is a student at a London university and found it difficult to return home amid the coronavirus scare around the world. His mother visited her social media page and wrote about how students like her son were unable to take a flight to return home after restrictions imposed by different countries.

Babil returned to India early Wednesday night, early Thursday night. Sutapa was at the airport to receive him. She once again took her social media account and wrote: “Thank you all for the prayers and wishes. Babil returns to India safely. Thanks to everyone who offered help. The flight was over an hour late. While waiting at the airport, I looked around and was horrified. Many had their masks as a neckband and all the hugs and kisses upon arrival made me pass out. I made such a fuss; I took two cars. I didn’t let my son sit on mine and I didn’t hug him, he was armed with my gloves and scarf, so they were both the drivers. At the airport, they had done a thermal check and let him go. I was really surprised that in the third stage India is in they did not suggest domestic quarantine. They made him fill out a form with his phone number. I hope it is not a formality. I will look forward to your call after a couple of days to see how it is. I felt stupid because I think my staff will be sloppy from now on and I think I’m mental. That when the government does not think it is dangerous, I am isolating my son in an empty flat (although well equipped) for fourteen days. Because he had assaulted the childhood saavdhani hati durghatana ghati “Stay safe and take care of yourself at the cost of being called mental. And thanks for all the help!”

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