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India Signs Rs 880 Rs Agreement For Israeli Light Machine Guns For Frontline Troops | India News


NEW DELHI: India signed an agreement of Rs 880 crore on Thursday to acquire 16,479 Israeli light machine guns (LMGs) for its front-line troops deployed on the borders with China and Pakistan, a long-standing requirement first demanded by the Army more than a decade ago.

However, the 16,479 LMG Negev 7.62X51 mm will meet only part of the overall requirement of more than 43,000 such weapons for the Army, IAF, and Navy. “The Negev LMGs, manufactured by the Israel Weapons Industries, are combat-tested weapons that are currently used by various countries around the world. The deficit, as in the case of assault rifles, will be made through a “Make in India” project, an official said.

“The LMG Negev will greatly improve the lethality and range of soldiers compared to their existing weapons. The provision of this operationally urgent and much-needed weapon will increase the confidence of the front-line troops, ”he added.


A Negev LMG

The Army had first ordered new assault rifles and combat carbines for its 382 infantry battalions (with 850 soldiers each) in 2005, while the LMG case began in 2009. But long-term acquisition projects Data were repeatedly rejected due to accusations of grafting or unrealistic technical parameters, as well as a lack of indigenous options for more than a decade.

Then in 2018 the government decided to purchase limited quantities of assault rifles (72,400), close-combat combat carbines (93,895), and LMG (16,479) for front-line troops from abroad, and the deficiencies will be manufactured in India to specifications. minor techniques. and parameters at a later stage.

The first contract that was signed in February 2019 was for 72,400 assault rifles from the American firm SiG Sauer for Rs 638 crore, under which the inductions of these 7.62x51mm caliber rifles are almost complete now. These American origin rifles have an “effective range” of 500 meters.

The Korwa munitions factory in Uttar Pradesh, in turn, is slated to progressively manufacture 7,45,000 Kalashnikov AK-203 rifles in a joint venture with Russia. These 7.62x39mm caliber rifles, a derivative of the iconic AK-47, have an “effective range” of 300 meters.

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