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When Virat Kohli’s aggressive celebrations during the 2018-19 tour made Justin Langer feel like a punching bag | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: Australian coach Justin Langer has revealed that he felt like a “punching bag” after Virat Kohli’s aggressive celebrations during the 2018-19 India tour, while shouting the “double standard” when it comes to sledding on cricket.

India, led by Kohli, enjoyed an unprecedented summer in Down Under, winning the Border Gavaskar Trophy 3-1, her first Test series victory on Australian soil. It was followed by a 2-1 victory at the ODI, while the T20 series ended in a 1-1 draw.

During the series, Australia, who was determined to mend its severely dented image in the wake of the ball manipulation scandal, had decided not to verbally engage with the Indian captain during the series.

However, the antics at Kohli’s camp angered Langer, but he couldn’t be expressive about it.

“I remember that afternoon (feeling) like a punching bag. We can’t fight because we felt like we had our hands behind our backs and just had to take it,” Langer said in the recently released documentary series by Amazon titled ‘The Trial.’

“You must feel the double standards of the way your captain is behaving and we have to be careful. Imagine if we behave two out of ten (of) that,” he said.

Langer asked his players to face Kohli, but warned the hosts not to cross the line between pranks and abuse.

“There is a difference between abuse and jokes. There is no place for abuse. We don’t need to abuse it, but there are jokes where you defend your partner.”


On day four of the second test in Perth, Kohli and his Australian counterpart Tim Paine were involved in a verbal dispute. It was time for Paine to think he had enough.

“I just had enough and I thought you also had to defend yourself and your teammates and that was one of the reasons why I thought, ‘no, I’m the captain, it’s my turn, I have to get up and show’ We are here for the fight, “said Paine.

Paine was on the receiving end just after he had gone out to bat. “If he ruins it, it’s 2-0. Who’s going to talk then?” Kohli was caught saying by the stump microphones.

Paine didn’t hold back and replied, “You have to hit first, big head.”

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