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The Roadies family, Karan Johar and many celebrities support Neha Dhupia as she breaks her silence.


The leader of the Roadies Revolution broke her silence last night (March 14) by writing a long note on social media. Celebrities from around the world have come together to show their support.

Karan Johar, Dia Mirza, Sophie Choudhry and the Roadies family of Neha Dhupia supported her at this time and applauded her movement. Neha’s husband Angad shared his post and wrote: “Mothers, raise your children better. Thank you.”

angad charu

kjo rann

Sonam Kapoor to celebrities Neena Kulkarni of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein met and shared Neha’s post saying that physical abuse will not be tolerated.

sophie sonam

In an episode of Roadies Revolution, a contestant told Neha that he slapped his girlfriend, who was cheating on him with five children. Neha was horrified by this and called it the girl’s choice. He also said that the problem must be with the contestant.

In his defense, Neha shared on his Instagram account, where he described adultery as a moral option. She wrote: “Cheating is not something I defend, and it is unfortunate that it has been misrepresented by the same thing … but what I do defend is the safety of women.”

For the past few days a hot topic has been going on on social media where Neha Dhupia was ‘tagged’ as a fake feminist by social media users and her character reduced a ridiculous number of trolls by spamming her account, annoyed her family, friends and even was missing on her daughter’s page.

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