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Stop calling us ‘coronavirus’: Northeast student video goes viral | India News


NEW DELHI: As the new coronavirus, known to have originated in the Chinese province of Wuhan, spreads across the globe, it has also created a lot of panic among the masses.

Amid the panic, people in the Northeast region appear to be suffering the brunt of the misinformation revolving around them. People in the northeastern states of India have complained about the attitude of some people who allegedly transmit comments like “Corona, Chinki and Chino” when referring to them.

Recently, a video of a group of students from the northeast region, who live in Punjab, went viral on social media by talking about the discrimination and racism they face.

Students went to Facebook to post a video sharing how, after the coronavirus outbreak, people have been calling them under different names. According to them, people address them as “coronaviruses”.

The 12-minute video begins with a girl saying, “Abhi jo chal raha hai yeh coronavirus, humare upar bahut effect ho raha hai, kyunki pehle toh humein Nepali, Chinki, Chinese … yeh sab bulate thae, abhi toh coronavirus ho gaya hai (The ongoing coronavirus has greatly affected our lives. Previously, people used to refer to us with names like Nepali, Chinki, Chinese, but after the outbreak of the virus, they now call us coronavirus. ”

In the video, the students also share instances where people called them because they looked “Chinese.” Students can be seen appealing to people not to call them by names that harm them and affect their lives.

Students can also be seen asking viewers to read more about the map of India and increase their knowledge of the northeastern states.

The video has gone viral, and many people have voiced their support for students against the discrimination these people face.

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