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Rahul Gandhi Asks Government to Name “Top 50 Intentional Defaulters”


NEW DELHI: On Monday, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of bad loans in Lok Sabha and searched for a list of the top 50 defaulting volunteers.
However, the House soon witnessed loud scenes and a strike by members of Congress, as Gandhi was not allowed to ask for a second supplement related to deliberate defaulters during Question Hour.
The protests came after speaker Om Birla announced the end of the Question Hour at noon, as it is the designated time for 11 am until noon.
While asking about the first supplement, Gandhi said he wanted to know the list of the top 50 intentional defaulters, including the funds awarded and the amount paid by the banks, but he did not get a proper response in the written response.
“The Indian economy is going through a difficult period. The banking system is facing difficulties, banking is failing and many more banks are going to fail. One of the main reasons for bank failure is the theft of bank money by large numbers of people .
“The prime minister said that those who have stolen the money will be returned and punished. But I did not get the answer to my simple question,” he said.
When State Minister of Finance Anurag Thakur began to answer the question, Gandhi and House Congressman Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury protested, saying that Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who was present in the House, you should respond.
However, speaker Om Birla said that minor ministers typically respond during Question Hour.
Thakur said Congress was trying to blame the NDA government for the irregularities committed in banks during the previous UPA regime.
The minister said that the government of Narendra Modi reviewed the quality of the banks’ assets and that the performance of the banks has improved greatly due to several steps taken by the government.
“The list of all bank defaulters above Rs 25 lakh loans is available on the website of the Central Information Commission. I have the list and, if the President allows me, I am ready to present it to the House” , said.
Thakur said that the unpaid loans of Rs 4.8 lakh crore have been recovered since the Modi government arrived and a series of measures, including the enactment of the Fugitive Economic Criminal Law, were taken so that the culprit can be punished.
Referring to the recent Yes Bank crisis, Thakur said the union finance minister had already said that the banks are safe and that the money deposited in Yes Bank is also safe.
He said there were many cases of irregularities during the UPA government, including forcing bankers to buy paintings at an exorbitant price, in an indirect reference to Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Vadra, who sold a painting to the founder of Yes Bank, Rana Kapoor, who was recently arrested. .
The speaker then ended Question Time and moved on to the next item on the agenda.
With this, Gandhi strongly protested saying that he should have the opportunity to ask for the second supplement, as is the norm.
However, the speaker ignored Gandhi’s request and continued with the affairs of the House.
Gandhi was immediately joined by Chowdhury and other members. At least a dozen members of Congress rushed to the House Well and began slogans saying that the leader of Congress had been seriously wronged.
While the speaker continued to ignore the protests, members of Congress organized an exit.
In video: Rahul Gandhi questions the government about intentional defaulters, increased bad loans

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