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Parliamentary crisis: Kamal Nath meets with the governor, says the government in majority; rules out floor test | India News


BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh Prime Minister Kamal Nath met with Governor Lalji Tandon in Raj Bhavan on Monday night and then claimed that his government enjoys a majority, ruling out conducting a floor test in the assembly.

Nath also challenged opposition BJP to file a motion of mistrust against his 15-month-old government in Congress if they wanted to prove their strength at home.

I met with the Governor and thanked him for his speech the day of the opening of the budget session. Today we are the majority, so it is not a floor test.

“Those who claim that we do not have a majority should file a motion of mistrust against my government for the floor test,” Nath told reporters after the meeting.

Nath’s meeting with the governor in Raj Bhavan lasted more than half an hour.

The prime minister called the governor after he sent a new letter on Monday, ordering the Nath government to conduct a floor test on Tuesday.

The stability of the 15-month-old Nath government has been called into question due to the resignation of 22 MLA from the rebel Congress.

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