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Nirbhaya Case: Hangman Pawan Jallad Will Get Rs 20,000 / Execution | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: A team of Tihar jail officials arrived in Meerut on Tuesday to escort hangman Pawan Jallad to Delhi for the fourth time.

Pawan was assured of a team by the Delhi Police who traveled together with officials from the Tihar prison. Prison officials have prepared the gallows for the fictitious execution of the four convicts, which would take place on Wednesday in the presence of PWD officials.

Prison sources said that Pawan would remain in a special barracks assigned to him in prison number 3 near the hanging well. He would be forced to sign the contract for hanging the four convicts, after which he would be allowed to inspect the gallows.

Pawan had made headlines in 2015 when he ran from one office to another for his money. According to a TOI report, the hanged man was not paid his monthly stipends. He said he receives 3,000 rupees and was not paid on time either. Pawan was among the few officially registered professional executioners in India.

Tihar authorities have purchased a set of eight Manila ropes, one of which would be used for hanging while the other would be kept on hold.

Prison sources said the hangman would be paid at least Rs 20,000 for each hanging.

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