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Naagin 4: Naagin 4 update, March 15: Brinda kills Dev’s brother


In the last episode of Naagin 4, Dev and his new wife Shalakha arrive to play Holi with the family. Brinda watches them from a distance and gets hurt.

Dev is with his brothers and friends when Shalakha goes with Baa. Shalakha tells Baa that he has to apply ‘shagun ka tika’ to Dev as it is his first Holi.

Baa tells Shalakha (who is Nayantara) that he will have to give Dev some time so he can start his life again. Shalakha decides to kill Baa and mixes poison in the latter’s drink.

When she is about to deliver the glass to Baa, Brinda makes an entrance. Dev is angry to see her. Brinda goes and greets family members.

An angry dev takes her aside and asks where she has been for the past year. He also tells her that she has no right to be in his life, to which Brinda says that she is his legally married wife and that his marriage to Shalakha is illegal.

Dev and Brinda share a romantic moment. Dev gets drunk and applies color on her face and then smudges color on Brinda’s face as well.

Brinda sees the naagmani blinking on Dev’s forehead, but she feels weak when she tries to kill him. Brinda wonders why she feels weak every time she is in front of Dev. She reminds herself that she has to kill Dev like he had killed her mother Maanyata.

Shalakha sees Dev returning to the Holi function but smeared with colors. She pretends to be unhappy and Dev’s mother asks him to dance with his new wife Shalakha.

She dances with Dev, but Brinda comes and takes Dev. The two start dancing together. Shalakha and others feel bad. Shalakha decides to kill Baa with the drink he had prepared so that the Parekh family can learn a lesson by hurting her.

But in shock, before Baa can drink it, Brinda accidentally spills it. Brinda leaves the show and Harsh follows her. He sees Brinda in a completely white avatar and misbehaves with her.

Brinda gets mad and takes her avatar Naagin. She asks him to run since she will now kill him in front of his family.

Harsh arrives at the Holi function site and Brinda manages to kill him. She thinks it was the right move since he had killed his sister Nayantara.

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