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MP Floor Test: As the speaker cites the crown, the MP government avoids the floor test | India News

BHOPAL: The Kamal Nath government on Monday he dodged a floor test when speaker N. P Prajapati adjourned the assembly until March 26 in view of the threat of Coronavirus. The House will reconvene on the day of Rajya Sabha’s election.
BJP quickly moved to the Supreme Court, seeking disqualification from the Congressional government for “ignoring the governor’s instructions to conduct a floor test,” and exhibited its 106 MLAs in Raj Bhawan. Shortly after this, Governor Lalji Tandon wrote to CM Nath, asking him to take the floor test on March 17. “Otherwise, it will be considered that it does not have a majority,” warned the governor.
After receiving the letter, Nath called a meeting of the top ministers of Congress and then went to Raj Bhawan. After meeting with the governor, the CM said: “I discussed the current political scene in the state with the governor and thanked him for his speech before the House.”
When asked about the governor’s letter for the floor test on Tuesday, the CM said: “Why should you go for the floor test? There is a provision that the Opposition may request a motion of no confidence. Let them do the Floor test if you wish. They (BJP) asked for a no confidence motion today. And what about the 16 MLAs that have been confined by BJP? Come before the media and the House. ”
The CM reiterated that its government is majority. The Supreme Court will hear on Tuesday the request of former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan seeking “immediate proof of floor to avoid the horse trade.” The suspense persists in the congressional MLA rebels in Bangalore. The day began with the assembly called at 11 in the morning. The division of the coronavirus was clear. Most of the MLA in Congress were seen wearing masks. BJP lawmakers did not.

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