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Karnataka coronavirus update: doctor treating India’s first coronavirus victim also tests positive | Hubballi News


KALABURAGI: A 63-year-old doctor who treated the first Covid-19 victim in India tested positive for the virus. The 76-year-old man had succumbed on March 11.

The doctor had treated the victim in Kalaburagi before leaving the hospital to be admitted to a private medical center in Hyderabad. The doctor’s test samples were sent Sunday to the virology laboratory in Bangalore. District Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sharath B in a daily health bulletin confirmed the development. However, many questions arise about case management.

The doctor was reportedly in home quarantine along with members of his family. Despite the fact that the administration opened the 200-bed isolation room at the ESI (State Employees Insurance) hospital, and the individual was at high risk of contracting the infection caused by SARS-CoV-2, he was not transferred to the isolation room. Their home quarantine continued even after the first victim’s 45-year-old daughter tested positive on March 15.

Now, according to health officials, he was transferred to the isolation room for additional treatment and information about the doctor’s condition was not shared with the press. The DC simply said that “the 63-year-old doctor who treated the 76-year-old man died of a coronavirus, tested positive. He and his family have already been quarantined at home. Today he is in an isolation room.” . ”

When asked DC why he had not been to the isolation room earlier, DC maintained that steps have been taken under the standard operating procedure and that he has not developed any symptoms. However, the question arises: why did health personnel collect blood samples and swab samples when there were no symptoms or it was a randomized control? On the other hand, DC did not report where this doctor treated the 76-year-old victim, as a doctor checked on the victim at his home and two others at a private hospital in Kalaburagi.

Now, in Kalaburagi, the total number of cases is 3, including the deceased, and the total number of cases in the state has increased to 10. More than 350 people in Kalaburagi are under observation and 9 people are in the isolation room. , including the doctor.

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