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GoAir Layoffs: GoAir Begins Firing Contract Employees Citing Covid-19 Impact | India Business News


MUMBAI: Low-cost airline GoAir, which suspended its international operations on Tuesday, began issuing layoff letters to some of its contract employees, sources said. These would be the first job losses in the Indian airline industry, citing COVID-19’s impact on revenue.

One of the letters sent by the airline to an employee on March 16 says: “We cannot operate on the scale that we currently had and we have been forced to reduce operations in order to maintain this decrease … In view of the above, we are obliged to terminate your contract from March 17 … your full and final settlement will be in due course. ” That employee had joined GoAir in August last year.

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A statement from GoAir is expected.

On Tuesday, GoAir announced the suspension of its international operations until April 15. “GoAir has initiated a short-term no-pay rotary licensing program that will not only help the company counter short-term capacity reduction, but will also ensure a cross section of our employees are kept away from the workplace for one month at a time to ensure business continuity, “the airline said. Knowing that this will place a financial burden on affected employees and having studied what companies have done in other countries to help guide our plans, this decision was not taken lightly, he added.

“In addition to addressing our short-term financial and network requirements, airlines in India have requested immediate support from the Government of India, as most governments around the world have already provided their similarly affected airlines We have also taken many immediate steps to make our business more efficient – steps that will help us create an even stronger airline in the long term, “said GoAir.

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