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Disenchanted Kerala woman says IS jihadists don’t go to mosque


KOZHIKODE: Ayesha, aka Sonia Sebastian, a member of the Islamic State group that left Kerala to join the IS in Afghanistan in 2016, said the situation in the IS stronghold was contrary to their expectations.

In a video posted by media group StratNews Global, Ayesha said that her husband, Abdul Rashid Abdulla, was also disappointed with IS at the end of his life. Ayesha is currently housed in a prison in Kabul, along with other women, including two Malayalis, after they surrendered a few months ago. “I assume that many people who want to come (to the IS) have the same expectations. I suggest that you think twice before making a decision, ”he said. Ayesha said that she no longer wants to associate with the IS.

“The reason we moved (to Afghanistan) was to lead an Islamic life under the ‘caliphate.’ But when we got here, we realized that people didn’t even go to the mosque to pray,” he said. Ayesha added that her husband Rashid was very disappointed to see these things. He stopped making and sending audios because he was completely disenchanted, she said. (Rashid had sent more than 90 short audio clips detailing various aspects of IS to a Malayali audience) .

“He did not speak of returning to India, but was completely unmotivated. His last words were:” I have finished with this world, “said Ayesha, adding that he wants to return to Kerala and live with Rashid’s parents.

Fathima, aka Nimisha, another woman in the group, said in the video that she also wants to return to India, provided she is not imprisoned or tortured. “I cannot say that I want to live in Afghanistan since this is not my place. India is a place,” he said. Fathima said that he wanted to live in a place governed by Sharia. “I cannot say that the” caliphate “was wrong because it was comfortable at the time, but things have changed, “she said.

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