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Coronavirus outbreak: Soni Razdan tweets a video of the Delhi airport alleging that passengers are forced to undergo a test, the authority clarifies that it is an old clip | Hindi Movie News


The coronavirus outbreak has seriously affected the country and Alia Bhatt’s mother, Soni Razdan, recently shared a clip about the health scare, unaware that it was old. Publishing a video of the airport, Soni stated that passengers arriving at Delhi airport would not receive their passports until they underwent the Coronavirus test. New Delhi T3 International Airport today. Now they take the passport of the arriving passengers and do not return them until all the tests have been completed. Even Indian citizens with Indian passport holders cannot leave. The passengers yell at the police to kill them, ”he published.


However, the Delhi airport authority responded to the actress claiming that it was an old video that is being distributed. “The circulating video is old. Currently, all immigration related processes have been streamlined and operations are completely normal. We continue to work closely with all interested parties to minimize any inconvenience for passengers, “they clarified.

Following the same, Soni Razdan deleted his post.

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