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Coronavirus outbreak: Amitabh Bachchan encourages people to stay safe and “quarantine”, fans and BMC applaud their efforts | Hindi Movie News


Amid growing concern about the coronavirus situation, Amitabh Bachchan took to Twitter to inform fans about the new stamping method adopted by the BMC as a precaution to prevent people traveling from abroad from mixing and mingling with others. until a certain date.

The actor, who has been expressing concern about the virus and encouraging fans to stay safe, tweeted a photo of a man’s hand with a ‘Home Quarantine’ stamp. “T 3473 – Stamping started on the hands in voter ink, in Mumbai … stay safe, be careful, stay isolated if detected …” captioned the photo.

Bachchan has been actively spreading the coronavirus on social media. He recently wrote a poem and posted a video of his version of it on Twitter. He also canceled his weekly meeting on Sunday with fans at his residence.

Fans and even the Mumbai Municipal Corporation extended a note of thanks to the star for “spreading the word” and encouraging many others to “quarantine”.

“Thank you for spreading the word, Mr. @SrBachchan and for reiterating the need for #HomeQuarantine to those few chosen ones, so that they are safe, cautious and responsible not only with loved ones, but with everyone.” Read the tweet from the official BMC social media identifier.

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