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Assembly of 5 or more people in public and private places, including prohibited work places in Pune | Pune News


PUNE: The assembly of five or more people in public and private places, including private work places, has been banned in Pune.
Pune’s collector, Naval Kishore Ram, issued an order Wednesday under the Disaster Management Act of 2005 and under the provisions of the Epidemic Act of 1897 that prohibits the gathering of five or more people for any social, cultural, procession, sporting event, picnics and other public functions. and meetings, as well as for “office meetings, training camps, workshops and other activities”.
The order excludes all essential services, media, government offices, laboratories, pathology units, and all types of healthcare providers, including allopathic, ayurvedic, and homeopathic practitioners, and all medical stores, clinics, and hospitals. .
It also excludes crematoriums, railroad stations, state and bus transportation booths, automatic rickshaw booths, airports, milk and dairy supply stores, grocery stores, and vegetable and fruit supply.
Students who take the 10th and 12th council exams, students and teachers who have to take competitive exams at universities have also been excluded, only the shelter clutters that cater to the students who take the exams and the restaurants that have to provide food to guests staying at the hotel.
Establishments, including those in the information and technology sector, that have to cater to the “critical national and international infrastructure” have also been excluded, but with the clause that they “specifically communicate” their need for exclusion to the collector.
“We are not saying that all other establishments should be closed. What we are saying is that five or more than five people should not meet in one place and this is according to our social distancing regime. The next two weeks are very crucial and if Well we have excluded essential services and many others, we also ask them to try social distancing, ” he told TOI, adding that those who violate the directive will face actions under section 188 of the IPC law, reiterating that the orders are not issued. under section 144.
“With the government emphasizing social distancing, this is an effort for the same reason,” he said, adding that “companies should encourage work from internal politics.” Most government departments have also targeted minimizing staff, while only those involved in addressing Covid-19 related issues are working full time. Government departments like ours have to be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will also make sure there are no unnecessary meetings. ”
In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, the state government’s orders to close schools, colleges, theaters, shopping malls, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and theaters are already in effect. On Monday, pubs and clubs also asked that the district administration keep them closed. IT companies were issued notices asking their employees to work from home and in industrial establishments to minimize their staff.
He said that although Pune has reported 19 cases, they are cases that are not of local transmission but of trips abroad. “Of the 19 cases, 14 are from foreign travel and only 5 are from those who interacted closely with these people. Therefore, we can say that the cases are not found locally, so it is extremely important that we take care of and follow the norms of social distancing, “he said.
Although the administration has carried out containment controls in the areas where these people were located, it has ordered that people in home quarantine strictly follow the rules. Care is being taken to ensure that there is no outbreak in the community and that the central government has issued repeated instructions about it. While the government has also begun sealing people under house quarantine, they must understand that it is their responsibility to comply with the rules and not to go out in the interest of the community.
On Tuesday, Pune division commissioner Deepak Mhaisekar had issued instructions that FIRs can register under IPC 188 for those who violate domestic quarantine rules. The administration will also follow the 24-hour mandatory institutional quarantine of all travelers arriving from Pune airport, and only after proper checks will they be asked to follow the quarantine from March 19.

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