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US closure : Donald Trump can declare an emergency as the United States fades amid fear of the coronavirus | World News


WASHINGTON: United States President Donald Trump is expected to declare a national emergency and shutdown the United States, including the isolation of some states and critical areas within the country, following expert advice that up to 150 million people They could be affected without adequate controls to stop the spread of the novel. coronavirus.

Trump is expected to make a national speech at 3 p.m. to outline new measures even when the mighty United States is closing in on a humble virus. The president of the USA himself. USA He’s under the gun, after it emerged that he spent time in Mar-a-lago last weekend with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, whose press secretary also shook Trump’s hand and tested positive for the virus. .

Bolsonaro himself was examined and found negative, his son said, even when reports initially said a first test had tested positive, putting the world in a state of nervousness. Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went into quarantine after his wife tested positive and social interactions with a British team.

Separately, it was learned that the President’s daughter Ivanka was with Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who later tested positive for the virus. However, the President of EE. USA He has insisted that he is not in danger and that there is no news from the White House about whether the president and his daughter are in quarantine.

Trump is expected to have a video conference with European leaders on Monday, as world leadership finally begins to act in concert to stem the spread of the virus after the day of individual and uncoordinated action. “Following my call with @realDonaldTrump and all G7 leaders, we agreed to host an extraordinary Leaders’ Summit via video conference on Monday, February 19. We will coordinate research efforts on a vaccine and treatments, and work on an economic and financial response.” French President Emanuel Macron tweeted, apparently taking the initiative.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed largest country in the world, which its president said last week that it was well prepared to expel those challenged by the virus, kneels and cringes in fear at the global pandemic, gradually turning into a ghost county. that Italy has become. Theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios closed, schools began to close across the country, and everything from the Broadway theater to the box office shows and the Boston marathon was postponed amid a global stress test that is putting under scrutiny things ranging from personal hygiene to social behavior.

The news that even global elites like the Trumps and Trudeaus are vulnerable to the virus brought home the universal danger posed by the virus, with increased susceptibility to social engagement. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, diagnosed with the virus, forcing him to be quarantined, refocused on the Trump family, and both the President of the USA. USA Like her daughter Ivanka they associated with people who have subsequently been found infected with the virus.

Trump was adamant that he is not at risk and will not be evaluated, but many other political elites with a second and third degree separation from the virus, including lawmakers like Senator Lindsey Graham, have lowered their commitment and isolated themselves. “Social distancing” became the phrase du jour.

One of the most terrifying forecasts came from Dr. Brian Monahan, an assistant physician to Congress and the United States Supreme Court, who reportedly said at a closed-door meeting of Congressional staff that between 70 and 150 million of people in the United States will become infected with COVID. 19 without proper action. Even with a 1% death rate, such a catastrophe could kill 700,000 to 1.5 million people.

Amid such dire warnings, President Trump tried to blame his predecessor Barack Obama for the situation, tweeting, “For decades @CDCgov looked at and studied its test system, but did nothing about it. It would always be inadequate and slow to you expected a large-scale pandemic, but there would never be a pandemic, they hoped. President Obama made changes that made things even more complicated … ”

“His response to the H1N1 swine flu was a large-scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing significant done to fix the testing problem, until now. The changes have been made and testing will happen soon on a large scale. The entire bureaucracy has been cut, ready to go! He added.

But critics criticized and excited him for assembling the US pandemic response team. USA And cut CDC funds during his time in office, even when reports from the field spoke of the difficulty of being tested.

The pandemic also turned many delusional American capitalists who abhor the word socialism and rage against the role of the government in everyday life into ardent socialists as they sought government intervention in the marketplace to manage tests, vaccination, etc.

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