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Jyotiraditya Scindia Won’t Get Respect Or Satisfaction At BJP, Says Rahul Gandhi | India News

NEW DELHI: Congressman Rahul Gandhi said Thursday that Jyotiraditya Scindia abandoned his ideology and went to the RSS out of concern for his political future, warning him that he would not get respect or satisfaction at the BJP.

Breaking his silence about Gwalior’s royalty decision to leave Congress, Rahul Gandhi told reporters: “Scindia was apprehensive about her political future, she abandoned her ideology and continued with the RSS. But the reality is that she will not get respect or satisfaction there (in BJP) given what he has in his heart. He will understand it. ”

In what seemed like a reaction to Scindia’s comments in praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, and his criticism of Congress, Gandhi said: “Ours is an old friendship. What is in his heart and what he is saying are two different things. ” Stressing the difference between Scindia’s old and new political havens, Rahul said: “This is an ideological fight with Congress on the one hand and RSS-BJP on the other. I know Scindia’s ideology, he was with me at the university” .

The comments came a day after Rahul Gandhi offered a nuanced reaction to the Scindian rebellion by retweeting an image he had posted after Kamal Nath was appointed chief minister of Madhya Pradesh in December 2018. Flanked by Scindia and Nath , Rahul captioned the image underscoring the importance of “patience and time being the best warriors”.

Rahul’s comment that Scindia became “apprehensive” about his political future alludes to his rivalry with Nath and Digvijaya Singh, who came to be seen as the ruling faction of the Madhya Pradesh Congress after Nath became CM.

However, in the wake of Scindia’s departure, Gandhi’s scion finds it difficult to calm doubts that members of his “team” face problems at the hands of the “old guard”.

Although he appeared before the press to criticize the Modi government for its response to the economic crisis and the coronavirus, he was bothered by repeated questions about the post-Scindia rumors.

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