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Coronavirus in Nagpur: 5 Covid-19 suspects escape May, all tracked | Nagpur News


NAGPUR: Police said 3 men and 2 women suspected of coronavirus who allegedly fled the Indira Gandhi Government Hospital and Medical College (May) on Friday night have been tracked down.

Hospital sources said the five were admitted to the isolation room at night. They had come alone after developing coronavirus-like symptoms.

Their samples were taken for testing and one of the men had turned negative. The reports of the other four will be available on Saturday.

One of the women works as a helper in the house of the first man who tested positive and is in May. And one of the men is the cook.

The other two men are colleagues of the first patient. The other woman had traveled to Italy. They tracked her to a hotel. The others were in their houses.

They all told police that they were frustrated by the delay in learning the status of their samples. All have been requested to return to the hospital.

Police said the five left the room one after the other claiming that they wanted to use the bathroom and drink tea.

The wife and colleague of the first patient, who also tested positive, are in the isolation room of the Government Faculty and Hospital of Medicine. All three are recovering well.

DCP zone Rahul Maknikar, who was on night rounds on Friday, said: “Police have been on high alert.”

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