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Coronavirus in Andhra Pradesh: 102 people with a history of travel to nations affected by the coronavirus “disappeared” | Vijayawada News


VIJAYAWADA: Officials from the medical and health department are watching 102 people who came into contact with people with suspected Covid-19 infection.
Live updates from the coronavirus outbreak
Of the 666 people in the state with a history of traveling to nations affected by the coronavirus, 102 are “impossible to trace,” authorities said, adding that of the 564 people under observation, 233 have crossed the 28-day observation period. .
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As of now, 331 people are still under observation, 12 people are admitted to various state hospitals and the rest are under home observation.
Live updates from the coronavirus outbreak
Up to 55 samples were analyzed, of which 47 were negative, while one was positive. The test results of the remaining seven are pending.
KS Jawahar Reddy, Chief Special Secretary (Health), told TOI that more than 100 people who returned to the state from countries affected by coronavirus have yet to be tracked.
“We are making additional efforts with the support of other departments to track them down. Untracked cases are because they do not have a home address or phone number. Medical and health officials are also collecting data from airport authorities, ports and some other departments to track down the 102 “missing” people, he added.
Village volunteers have launched a door-to-door survey to identify those who arrived in the state after February 10 from other countries.

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