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Bangalore coronavirus news: Google Techie’s wife, who defied quarantine, flew to Delhi and took the train to reach Agra, tests positive for coronavirus | Agra News


AGRA: A 25-year-old Agra woman whose husband, a Google employee, tested positive for a new coronavirus in Bengaluru earlier this week also tested positive on Friday. According to health officials, the woman, who recently returned from her honeymoon in Italy and was quarantined after her husband showed symptoms of the disease, escaped from Bangalore on March 8, took a flight to New Delhi and He traveled to Agra to be with her. His parents.

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Not only that, health officials said they faced resistance when they visited the home where they found her with eight other family members and were only able to transfer them to the isolation rooms after the district magistrate intervened and called a police force.

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Agra Medical Director Dr. Mukesh Kumar Vats said: “After the medical team arrived at the woman’s parents’ house, her father, a railway engineer, refused to cooperate with us and lied that his daughter he had gone to Bangalore. But after the intervention of the district magistrate, we were able to gain access to their home and took the nine family members to the district hospital for review. ”

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“The woman has now been transferred to the isolation room at S N Medical College.”

A health official, who interacted with the woman at SN Medical College, said: “The woman married the Bengaluru-based Google employee in early February. The couple left for their honeymoon shortly afterward to Italy and then He traveled to Greece and France. They landed at the Mumbai airport on February 27 and flew back to Bangalore. ”

However, on March 7, her husband tested positive for Covid-19 and they were both quarantined in Bangalore. Later, the woman informed her parents about her situation and supposedly at her request, she returned to Agra on March 8, ”he said.

He took a flight from Bangalore-New Delhi and then a train to travel to his father’s home. Your travel details are being verified.

Health officials took action after alerts from Aligarh Medical College, which called the woman a highly suspected patient of becoming infected with Covid-19, as well as Lucknow-based KGMU.

Agra DM Prabhu Narayan Singh said: “The woman returned to Agra on Sunday. We have isolated his family members and have appointed a surveillance team to monitor them. ”

A senior physician associated with the Covid-19 isolation program in Agra said: “The newly married woman is the first patient with a crown positive infection to be admitted to the NS College of Physicians. Your sample has been sent to the Pune National Virology Institute for further testing. As she traveled by plane, there is a good chance that passengers sitting near her in two rows behind, in front and on the sides, will also become infected with Covid-19. ”

Meanwhile, taking precautionary measures, the Agra railway authorities together with the district administration began to disinfect the railway station and the coaches.

Ajit Singh, director of public relations for the North Central Railway area, said: “The entire Agra Cantt train station, trains and railway premises are being disinfected. We are also coordinating with state authorities to contain the spread of the virus and have established an isolation room at the railway hospital. We have alerted our employees to follow appropriate precautions to avoid receiving Covid-19. ”

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