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An emotional story full of powerful performances.


Angrezi Medium Story: Champak Bansal (Irrfan) is a simple small-town businessman, one of the owners of the Ghasitaram candy store chain, who leads a comfortable life with his teenage daughter, Tarika (Radhika Madan). But Tarika has big dreams: to graduate from a recognized university in London. With little means to fulfill his daughter’s ambition, how far will the father go to make sure Tarika realizes her “videshi aspirations”?

Angrezi’s average review: Born and raised in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the world of Champak revolves around his daily quarrels with his other Ghasitaram brother, Gopi (Deepak Dobriyal), and cares for his only daughter, Tarika, who is ready to graduate from high school. and embark on another academic journey But, unlike her father, she does not want to limit her dreams to the place where she has grown up; instead, she wants to explore what is outside her little world. Unaware of what’s to come, Champak gives in to his daughter’s wishes, but things start to spiral out of control when it comes to paying the hefty fee. Champak, a dedicated father, vows to do whatever it takes to send his daughter to study abroad, and he goes down a path that not only demonstrates his unconditional love for his ‘betiya’, but also redefines their relationship.

Homi Adajania’s “Half Angrezi” touches the pulse of the young generation’s obsession with further study in foreign countries, and his family’s determination to embrace every obstacle in the Himalayas for their loved ones. There are other underlying themes as well, but this remains the main theme of the film.

It is a well known fact that Irrfan actually filmed this movie while in treatment. But, while watching this movie, you can put that thought aside. What is present on the screen is the actor in his element, in each frame. He just takes you with you … you laugh with him, you cry with him and every time he overcomes an obstacle, you rejoice with him. Irrfan brings Champak to life in a way that no one else can. And walking shoulder to shoulder with him is another good actor, Deepak Dobriyal. His camaraderie with Irrfan is a testament to the fact that they are both such polished and well-prepared actors. Radhika Madan, like this slightly rebellious and often clueless teenager, performs excellently, especially in scenes where her touching and beautiful relationship with her father unfolds. Their chemistry is organic, and the representation of their respective characters seems so real that their internal dilemmas and conflicts begin to resonate. Kiku Sharda, as the childhood friend of the two brothers, is their usual funny self. Ranvir Shorey, as Balakrishna ‘Bobby’ Tripathy, living NRI’s seemingly perfect dream, acts as a catalyst in the plot advance. Her description of Bobby is presented as a refreshing twist to the plot, and Shorey does her justice. Kareena Kapoor Khan does well in her brief appearance as the tough police Naina and adds to the chaos in the second half of the film. However, his relationship with his mother, Ms. Kohli (played by Dimple Kapadia), is poorly explored. It would have been interesting to see the dynamics of their relationship in the movie.

The appearance of this comedy drama is all sweet and small-town: the actors carry a local accent (though Radhika sounds a bit forced) and a lot of attention has been paid to what we call “small-town traits.” ‘which unfolds beautifully in multiple scenes and sequences as the story progresses. With one foot in the homeland and the other in London, the background music and score have been marked taking into account the two different scenarios; works well and differentiates mood well.

The first half of the script is more engaging than the second, but by trying to fit into many subplots, the story goes wild. There are some fantastic moments in the movie, and clearly written scenes between the characters as well, which in turn turn out to be the highlights of this drama. However, the story is too convenient and has inconsistencies that are hard to miss, but Irrfan’s exceptional performance makes it worth watching.

‘Angrezi Medium’ loses its control on several occasions, what it does not lose is its control over the emotion it is trying to convey and the message it leaves you.

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