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Kuldeep Sengar: murder of father of Unnao rape victim: Delhi court sentences Kuldeep Singh Sengar to 10 years in prison | India News

NEW DELHI: Delhi Tis Hazari Court on Friday sentenced MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and other six to 10 years’ imprisonment of Bharatiya Janata (BJP) party to the death of the father of the Unnao rape survivor. Sengar is already serving a life sentence for raping the minor.

While sentencing them, District Judge Dharmesh Sharma said: “It cannot be denied that the rule of law was violated. Sengar was a public official and had to uphold the rule of law. The way the crime was committed does not require leniency. . ”

Sengar and his brother Atul have been instructed to award 10 lakh compensation to the victim’s family for the loss of their father. “There are four minor boys involved, three girls and a boy. They have also been uprooted from their place of origin,” the judge said.

Seven people, including Sengar, his brother, and two police officers, were found guilty of wrongful death and criminal conspiracy earlier this month.

The case concerns the death of the father of the rape survivor in custody on April 9, 2018. It was alleged that he was assaulted after a dispute with some of the accused in the case.

He was taken to the police station and later charged with allegedly possessing an illegal firearm. Accordingly, he was sent to preventive detention, during which he died.

The case was transferred to Delhi from a trial court in Uttar Pradesh on the instructions of the Supreme Court in August last year. Both the death case and the illegal firearms case were later rejected by the court.

During arguments about the sentence on March 12, Sengar told the court that he should be “hanged and acid thrown in his eyes if he has done something wrong.”

The former MLA also raped the deceased’s daughter in 2017 in the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh and was sent to prison for “the rest of his natural biological life” last year.

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