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Coronavirus Karnataka News: The 76-year-old Karnataka man is the first Coronavirus casualty in India | India News


BENGALURU: A 76-year-old man from Kalaburagi, in northern Karnataka, who died on March 10, is the country’s first fatality Covid-19, and test results on Thursday confirmed that he was infected.

The man had a history of travel to Saudi Arabia and died while being taken from a Hyderabad hospital to Kalaburagi on March 10. His throat swab samples had been received in a Bengaluru laboratory only on March 11.

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Officials from the Karnataka Department of Family Health and Welfare said that although the older citizen had come from a country affected by Covid-19, his symptoms were misleading and tests for the new coronavirus were delayed due to complications related to old age, such as difficulty breathing, asthma and hypertension.

“Forty-three people, including his family members and doctors, who had come into contact with him are in isolation at home and are being closely monitored,” said a health official.

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The Kalaburagi man, 570 km north of Benglauru, had left for Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on a pilgrimage on January 29. He arrived at Hyderabad airport on February 29 where he was examined and showed no symptoms of Covid-19, and headed to Kalaburagi. , about 230 km.

By March 5, he developed complications and was taken to the OPD of a private hospital in Kalaburagi. He was admitted the following day. Authorities said he was transferred to a hospital in Hyderabad on March 9 for unknown reasons. But by then his samples had been taken for Covid-19 testing in Bangalore.

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On March 10, the man’s family brought him back from Hyderabad hospital. “He died on the way to Kalaburagi, we don’t know exactly when or where,” said an official.

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