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Trump now defends Namaste in times of coronavirus


WASHINGTON: United States President Donald Trump is personally defending Namaste at the time of the coronavirus, referring to his recent trip to India and recounting how he and Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar greeted each other in the manner India when they met at the White House on Thursday.

“We looked at each other and said what we’re going to do … a kind of weird feeling. And we did this,” Trump said with a namaste gesture in the oval office at a White House appearance with Varadkar, who is also of Indian descent ( his father is Maharashtrian).

“I just got back from India. And I didn’t shake hands there. It was very easy. You do this (shows Namaste’s gesture) … and Japan says so (bows). They were ahead of the curve.” additional.

The President of the USA USA He looked like a punished man after he was criticized for treating the spread of the coronavirus lightly last week when he maintained that he would not stop shaking hands and that the virus would simply disappear because the US USA They were very well prepared for it.

Instead, the virus has spread, infecting even celebrities and causing emergency measures in New York and Washington, DC, as it borders near the center of power.

Trump himself is under scrutiny after it was revealed that he was very close last Saturday at his residence in Mara-a-Lago, Florida, with a senior Brazilian official, who was later diagnosed with coronavirus. The President of the USA USA It remains rude in this regard despite the fact that the official, the press secretary of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, is now in quarantine and Bolsonaro himself has canceled all his appointments and is said to be under observation.

Like Trump, Bolsanaro also mocked the pandemic last week, saying it was a “fantasy” and that it did not represent a crisis.

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