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Selena Gomez talks about self-esteem issues and relationships | Film news in English


Pop star Selena Gomez made some revelations about her personal life in a recent interview. While explaining the lyrics for her song ‘Rare’ on a YouTube channel, the 27-year-old said that there are times when she feels that she will ever be able to find a suitable partner for her.

“Some days when I wake up and I’m upset and I think, ‘I’m going to be alone forever.’ But after those 15 minutes, I say to myself, ‘I know there is someone for everyone,'” the singer said.

However, she remains optimistic, as she is still young and “this is not the end, everyone is everyone.” In developing the chorus for his song, Gomez opened up and said, “Self-esteem and confidence is a constant struggle.”

“It’s improving with time and age, but it will always be something I’m working on,” he added as he explained the lyrics further.

“So what I think is so important about this chorus is that it recognizes: ‘Hey, I don’t have everything. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I do know that I’m special,’ and I think it’s a humble approach to say: ‘ Why don’t you see that I’m different? ‘ “added the singer.

Referring to his past relationship experiences, he commented, “In certain relationships, I listened and experienced and other things, I think men and women do it, especially teenagers and young people in love, if there is this satisfaction of hurting someone because you know they care. Leaving someone on purpose because they want to keep it on a level. I’ve had someone who told me that before. ”

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