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Kapil Sibal’s claim on CAA evokes a sharp response from Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Interior Minister Amit Shah and Congressman Kapil Sibal participated in a heated exchange on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act on Thursday during the debate on the Delhi riots in Rajya Sabha.

In response to the debate, Amit Shah stated that the hate speeches began shortly after the CAA’s approval and accused the opposition of misleading Muslims by spreading misinformation that the CAA would take away their citizenship.

“Fear was instilled in the hearts of minorities, especially in the hearts of Muslim brothers and sisters across the country, that the AAC would take away their citizenship,” said Amit Shah.

To this, Kapil Sibal responded by saying that “no one says that CAA will take away citizenship from anyone.”

Sibal’s response sparked strong reactions in the Treasury Banks. Amit Shah also reacted strongly to Sibal’s comment, saying he could cite several speeches by congressional leaders who had said that CAA would remove minority citizenship.

Amidst the exchanges between the two sides, Kapil Sibal went on to say that it was the NPR that was a problem, specifically the additional questions that people should be asked during the process.

Those who did not give a satisfactory answer to these questions would be marked as “doubtful” during the NPR process, Sibal said.

Amit Shah strongly denied this claim and made a categorical statement that no one would be considered dubious during the NPR process and that no documents would be sought during the process.

The Union’s interior minister said false propaganda about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is being spread to create a sense of fear among people in minority communities.

“I would like to tell my Muslim brothers and sisters that false propaganda on the CAA issue is spreading. This Act is not to take anyone’s citizenship, but to give them citizenship,” Shah said while responding to the debate on the threat of Delhi violence in the Rajya Sabha.

Earlier, when initiating a short-lived debate in Rajya Sabha on the recent situation of law and order in some parts of Delhi, Sibal alleged that while the national capital was on fire, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was silent on the matter during 70 hours and the police machinery. he was busy destroying evidence and supporting violence or protesters.

Pointing to Amit Shah, who was present in the Upper House, Sibal asked why FIRs were not registered against those who made hate speeches that “incited” community violence in Delhi.

“Can you do anything to protect cows, but not human beings? We need to bring another article to guarantee the protection of human beings,” he said, referring to the provisions of the Constitution on cow protection.

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