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After Kiki, Drake’s #fliptheswitch challenge goes viral | Film news in English


Drake has done it again! After creating a storm of tweets and starting an Instafire with their Kiki song, people get excited about their latest song. The lyrics to the song Nonstop – “I just flipped the switch” – has launched a #Fliptheswitch challenge, where people do everything from dancing to exchanging clothes and grimacing at the flip of a switch. It started over a week ago and has gone viral, sweeping social media with memes and drawing a host of famous names to try it out.

16 seconds of fun


The #fliptheswitch challenge is a 16-second video in which two people stand in front of a mirror and dance. When the letter (‘Look, I just turned off the switch (I turned, I turned), I don’t know anyone else who is doing” this “), the light goes off and they change positions and clothes.

Various celebrities have embarked on this. Alex Rodríguez, also known as A-Rod and Jennifer López, for example. They stood in front of a mirror as the singer moved her hips to Nonstop. Then they “flip the switch,” the lights go out, and the couple changes their clothes. JLo is then seen holding the phone, wearing A-Rod’s suit and sunglasses, while the former baseball star rocked Lopez’s white dress and gold hoops.

A-Rod posted a video on Instagram and garnered millions of views! Singer Camila Cabello and actress Emily Ratajkowski also tried it, and US Senator Elizabeth Warren also joined in the fun. Additionally, various comedians and others have added a creative twist to the challenge by engaging their baby, grandpa, or even their pet to create their version.

What is it about


The “Flip The Switch” challenge, which has been creating quite a stir in recent weeks, sees people dancing, exchanging clothes and having fun moving to the beat of Drake’s single Nonstop. The challenge takes place at the beginning of the rapper’s song.

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